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Our Strategy

Technofab  is a major integrated fabrication company with a record of delivering strong growth by identifying and focusing on selected high value markets and securing low cost fabrication for delivery into those markets.This strategy has remained fundamentally unchanged because it has proven robust to developments in the business environment and it continues to deliver value.

Technofab specialises in fabrication and has the skills to compete anywhere. The cornerstones of the technofab's competitive advantage are a deep understanding of fabrication markets, the skills and experience to invest throughout the chain, and a focus on project delivery. These enable the technofab to respond swiftly to market trends, targeting investments where value can be created.

Technofab  is a rapidly growing business with operations in over 25 countries and across five continents. Technofab is principally engaged in exploration and production and the development and supply of existing and emerging fabrication  markets around the world.


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